Strawberry Flower No-bake Cheesecake for Mother’s Day

i made carnation shaped strawberry no-bake cheesecake for Mother’s Day!;) it’s no-bake cheesecake but it tastes like strawberry mille-feuille.

sorry,i forgot to write mold size!it’s about 5.9inch;)
and you need not wrap it(this time,i wrap for photographing )

ingredients about 5.9inch mold(cercle)
40g graham cracker
20g granulated sugar
20g melted batter
cinamon powder

200g cream cheese
60g granulated sugar
200ml fresh cream
2tbsp lemon juice
5g instant gelatin(melt with 50ml water and microwave 500W for 20secs)

5g instant gelatin
1tbsp granulated sugar
1tsp lemon juice
150ml water

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  1. Oh, I was looking for a decent strawberry cake and I found one! But I would try some whipped cream instead of gelatin tho (I'm not a huge fan of jelly-jello ^^). Greetings from France

  2. 今まで見た中で一番のお気に入りです‼️


  3. In the U.K. would that be single cream or double cream that you'd use? And what would you use instead of graham crackers? I'm sure we don't have those 😊

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