Outrageous Wedding Cakes

Episode of Outrageous Wedding Cakes that I got to be on!

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While many have probably dreamed of their wedding cakes since childhood, they were most likely not wedding cakes quite like this. From a cake with a river running through it to a tower of cake dripping in 30 pounds of Swarovski crystals, Food Network is going from coast to coast to find the most incredible creations by the best cake artists in the country. These magicians can make anyone’s dream cake come true —— no matter the cost.


  1. I have A LOT of family like I was born in a family of 5 kids and I am the first born 1 sister has quadruplets and one nonquadruplet. my 2 sister has 2 kids of tge age of 12 and 16. I too lazy to write the rest so you can see that have SO much friends and family so having One big cake like likeon

  2. How are you supposed to eat a upside down ? I mean they spend all of that money for a ceiling cake well think lady money don't grow on trees🤑🤑

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