How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake Part 1 of 2

Chef Alan Tetreault of Global Sugar Art shows you how to make your own fondant covered wedding cake. Learn how to cut, fill and ice the cake, cover with rolled fondant, assemble the three tiered cake, make molded borders and add flowers. This is Part 1 of the 2 part series. It is also helpful to view Alan’s video for more help on covering a cake with rolled fondant. Items in this video include Karen Davies Alice Lace mold- Piped Roses Border mold – andGSA Rose Border Mold-


  1. I have a big problem with measuring batter to make my tiers big enough to reach the top of the pans. I am making a three tier baby shower cake and I am using 6", 10", 14" inch pans

  2. step by step i was watching your "how to make a wedding cake" video and made my own wedding cake!!!! took me 3 days to make it,but at the end i was so proud of myself!!! and the cake was amazing and yummi! thank you so much

  3. Thank you Alan, the video is very exhaustive and filled with very useful tricks and infos. I have a question: which kind of cake did you use for this project? butter base? Oil base? I suppose I need a "strong" cake if I want to do a tiered cake.

  4. Hi … nice your video . ..I would like to know why when I put my icing sugar on top of my cake it opened and the cake turned ugly..was it because I passed jam no buttercream

  5. Hello Chef Alan, i live in a tropical country like Philippines and I love how very accurate you are and practical in giving infos from your demos. I got your recipe for buttercream, swiss and american , i want to know if its going to hold here in the philippines? and i wonder if you can share your fondant recipe to me. Thank you Chef Alan.i will highly appreciate it to hear from you. I wish someday i'll meet you in person.

  6. Do you have any recommendations for baking at high altitude (6500 ft)? I have been trying to bake vanilla cakes for years and I can't get anything besides a boxed cake to not fall in the middle. Thanks!

  7. Thank you very much sir, for the tutorial. Pls, my fondant always breaks when I try to cover my cake with it. Can you help with the correct recipe and procedure on how to prepare fondant in a tropical region. I'm in Nigeria.

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