Blue Peony buttercream wedding cake tutorial – American Cake Decorating Magazine Apr 2017

EXPAND THE BOX – – – learn how to make this elegant blue peony buttercream wedding cake, as featured in the April 2017 issue of American Cake Decorating Magazine 🎂🌸

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*I hope you appreciate how hard it is to pipe something like this at arm’s length so your head doesn’t block the camera! 😂😊 Enjoy ❤️❤️

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  1. Is that your cake that was featured in the magazine? What pretty colours. I can't imagine how long it took to make this beautiful creation. Thank you for your video. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi Sawsen, CONGRATULATIONS on your magazine article!! 👏 & for such a stunning design, that colour blue is just gorgeous💙 & your peonies the best I've seen…your talent is amazing.
    Well done Sawsen 🙂💐

  3. WOW…That cake is beautiful. Did you do the one in the magazine also? They look exactly alike. My favorite is the fairy house cake you did but this one is a very close second now..I very much appreciate how much time and effort goes into making these videos and I love every video you you do. Plus…Your cakes look beautiful and soooooo

  4. I appreciate🤗you and the hard work that went into this stunning blue beauty,and am thrilled I have found this channel and your wonderful tutorial videos I can follow along and learn,of course after I finish binge- watching 😉and congratulations👏 are in order for getting this lovely masterpiece in the magazine American cake decorating 🎂💐

  5. This is such a lovely cake. Did you use your egg free Swiss meringue buttercream for all the filling, coating and piping? I made my first batch last weekend and it piped cupcake swirls beautifully. I'm keen to try it to cover a cake. Thanks for posting this video, love seeing you in action.

  6. Wow Wow Wow. This is so beautiful! It's incredible! And the colors are gorgeous! Making a cake that big… I think I would panic hahaha

  7. Grrrrrr….another video I didn't get notified about……😫
    Beautiful cake Sawsen. Absolutely stunning. You are the best cake stylist ever!
    Congrats on the article. The world is taking note of the exquisite talent you have. Finally! We've known for a long time now. I'm so excited for you Sawsen❤

  8. oh wow! that is super gorgeous! and you are so amazing to share your works and techniques! have you had problems of flowers falling off in warm weather though? I get scared just sticking flowers in the sides of cakes.😨

  9. Hi hun was just on your blog reading one of your recipes for a semi naked cake. You suggest to freeze it in cling film overnight then let it defrost in the fridge. Do you keep it in the clingfilm whilst defrosting? Sorry with the questions I am a cake virgin lol. If it's a last min cake could I just put in the fridge after 15 min with clingfilm to get it chilled for a couple hours so it's easier to level and cut it in 2 layers xx

  10. wow absolutely beauuuuutiful, gorgeous i loved every minute of your video. thank you so much for sharing your amazing tutorial you are very talented. i would love to become a professional cake decorator one day im still practicing on kids cakes.

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