😍 CheeseCake, Metallica and Gem Show 😍 May Diary 2017

Cheesecake full of protein/low fat/sugar free – 01:00 NOM!
Metallica Concert! OMG! ♥.♥ – 06:42
Gem Show full of Crystals and Fossils woooow – 09:39
Thank you for watching, my beautiful faces! ♥ Hugs


  1. I just finished taking a nutrition class, and I have to say I was pretty impressed with your recipe. I was surprised to learn that protein, not fat, makes us feel the most full. Just thought I would mention that most people eat WAY more protein than they need. We only need to eat a maximum of 30% protein. This surprises me because so many Americans are obsessed with protein! And when people eat high protein, low fat, low carb diets, that can be really dangerous!

  2. I don't think I saw, but did you actually buy any of the gems/rocks? they all looked so amazing, I wish they did shows like that where I live 😔 (if you did get any, can we see a mini haul? lol xx)

  3. I loved Metallica in the 80s when I was a little girl. I was obsessed with the song One when it came out (It was 1989 and I was 8 haha)..I grew up during a time when everyone was accusing metal of being satanic 😂.. They even did news reports about it every night. Luckily my parents weren't idiots, so I didn't have to deal with that hysteria in my household. I saw Metallica at Lollapalooza in 1996, but I was really into punk rock at that point in my my life, so I was mostly there for other bands, but it's still cool that I get to say that I saw them. Would have been REALLY cool to have seen them at their peak in the mid eighties though!

  4. Darryl (am I spelling that wrong?) is such a calming presence. My soul would feel so soothed if I were to get to hang out with you guys in person!

  5. когда используешь силиконовую форму её не нужно ничем смазывать) только при первом использовании))

  6. Fun vlog Maria, tnx. I WANT THAT CHEESECAKE!!! Trouble is, I'd probably eat the entire thing all at once! You say you've been losing weight 'forever'; you look GREAT right now, & I bet virtually everyone would agree. Don't lose TOO much!💖🌷(Btw, are the outdoor scenes in the beginning ar your new place? Beautiful.)

  7. your cheesecake looks quite yummy but would be much healthier with plant based dairy alternatives of which there are dozens to choose from and egg replacer. Dairy is so full of pus and hormones that naturally occur and some brands add them plus it is a very very cruel and brutal industry. Eggs are extremely unhealthy for us hence it being illegal for the words healthy or nutritious being allowed to be used in their advertising. Please try a vegan version. That would be wonderful to see cruelty free cooking

  8. Unfortunately that "healthy" cheesecake couldn't be more unhealthy.. cheese, dairy and eggs are anything but healthy, or good for you.. that concoction was full of pus, traces of blood, bacteria not to mention animal cruelty.. imma vegan nutritionist with a master degree.. you can make a true healthy cheesecake.. at Gretchens bakery here on you tube. Best cheesecake you will will ever have!

  9. That cheesecake looks good, if you're looking for a super healthy jam, I recommend making you own. Just put frozen fruit and chia seeds in a pan and gently mash until thickened. It's really easy and super healthy from the chia seeds

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